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don’t do it

nothing was the same

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Anonymous said: what classes are you taking in the fall?

(Imma be honest with you there are better ways to get to know me than this bruh, if you want to be my friend please don’t hesitate to straight up have a conversation with me)

Anonymous said: do you ever see yourself getting married?

Most definitely, although I certainly have a very long way to go before I could feel confident in taking care of another person.

Anonymous said: what is something you are looking forward to??

(thank you for asking)

In the next few months, we’re getting new albums from Busdriver, milo, Flying Lotus, MF Doom, and hooopefully Yeezy and Earl Sweatshirt

I currently am developing a few projects with a friend, one of which we’ll make by the end of summer

Movin soon

A date(!!!)

Inherent Vice & Gone Girl

Taking a class in the fall in which I will make bigger and hopefully better films than I ever have before

Seeing Boyhood again tomorrow with a tru homie


Jim Jarmusch & Tom WaitsNew York, 1985, Deborah Feingold 

And that’s the quintessential truth, Ruth


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele photographed by Peter Hapak for Variety Emmy Studio.


the longer I look at this, the funnier it gets

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