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Last night my friend and I made some art

I want to be a writer;

If given the chance I would write a novel for every pretty girl who let me kiss her

And another for the all-seeing eye of her big sister


Your pink lips
Your arms upstretched
I can’t breathe without you
But this circle of ribs
Keeps working on its own.

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landonmcgee said: I don't believe in anonymity. Two questions: (1) What was the most important moment (or season, if that's easier) of your life as an artist? and (2) If you could get me to listen to the entire discography of one artist, no questions asked, who would it be? (hint: I might actually go do it, so choose wisely)

1.  Last fall I made a short film that ultimately came across as hugely pretentious and empty, and that’s when I figured out that failure is such a hugely integral part of the creative process no matter what.

2.  As of right now (and I hope it’s okay to recommend two), I would say that Flying Lotus and Open Mike Eagle are two of the most ambitious and masterful artists in their respective genres (Flying Lotus being in what I’d consider electronica, and OME is a rapper).  I’ve been listening to them both quite a bit as of lately, and I think that both of their discographies are definitely worth listening to (also it might be cool to try going through them both chronologically?).  Favorite Flylo album is Cosmogramm, favorite OME album is Dark Comedy.  

(miss u bud)

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"John Cassavetes, who was more or less my age, now he was a great director. I can’t imagine myself as his equal in cinema. For me he represents a certain cinema that’s way up above." –Jean-Luc Godard

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get drunk with yr crush, embarrass yrself, embarrass yrself, talk about yr fear of smallpox, embarrass yrself, contemplate what “so so good to see you” means, feel good because yr drunk and sad because yr drunk, rinse, repeat


Supermoon tonight

It has great posture

It also does not fall. Fall in love or fall on its face.

It can also eat all of the pizza.

All these things just for tonight

Just for tonight. 

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