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HaHAAAaaaaaa feelin all kinds of dumb/stressed

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June-September 2014.  Cannon Beach (not sorry for the unintended finger cameo), Bixby Bridge, Atascadero/San Luis Obispo coast, New Mexico (I think), Chicago, Austin, Glen Rose.  Tried to take a few pictures at the milo/Busdriver show last night but they didn’t turn out.  

Anonymous said: i love a girl very much. but other people i love are telling me otherwise. can you tell me something so i don't feel so torn? thx for the hella awesome jams by the way


love is a type of armor. deflect those people, remove them from your context, forge a new universe to keep you and your lover safe. be insane in love, really. don’t hold back. be a crazy person. kill anyone who speaks ill of her. rip their fucking tongue out, be a lunatic. terrify people with your love. that’d be tight. 

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